Children's Art Class Schedule

Carol Myers Exhibit

Free Art Classes & Materials

Saturday from 10-11 am

Please note-- class size is limited and you must call 361-575-8228 to reserve a spot each week. Registration starts each Tuesday morning. 

3/27 "Lost Journal"- Acrylic Paints

Monochromatic study in acrylic. Monochromatic colors are all the colors of a single hue. Learn more about this and how we can create beautiful works of art even with only one color!

4/10 "Sierra Madre IV"- Mixed Media

This lesson is all about texture! Arguably the most fun element of art! We will make a collage and apply glass bead texture gel at the end for an interesting effect.


4/17 "Morning Mesas" Watercolors

Complimentary color study. Learn how to perfect your composition (finished design) using complimentary colors!

5/1"Cathedral Dome" Acrylic Paints

We will study line and create a beautiful finished piece using sharpies, watercolors, and stamps!

5/8 "Fandango" Mixed Media & Watercolor

Mommy and Me! Both mom's and children are invited to participate in honor of Mother's Day! We will learn about line and create a music inspired masterpiece.


The Children's Art Program at the Nave Museum is generously funded by grants from

Court of Six Flags & Victoria Chamber Ambassadors.

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