Emma McFaddin McCan Nave (1876-1943) 

Born August 16, 1876, Mrs. Nave was born in Refugio County as Emily D. McFaddin, the only daughter of Mr. & Mrs. James Alfred McFaddin. Mrs. McFaddin was the former Margaret Coward, and both she and her husband moved to Refugio County in 1858 from their homes in Jefferson County, Texas. Emily had two brothers. Mr. McFaddin was from the Beaumont 

area and was the son of William McFaddin, who had moved to Texas in 1820. When the McFaddin family moved to Refugio County, he engaged in the ranching and mercantile business, and then moved to Victoria County in the 1870's. He  founded the famous McFaddin Ranch and also the town of McFaddin about 20 miles south of Victoria. Emily's 

brother, the late Al McFaddin, was a former president of the Texas & Southwestern Cattle 

Raisers Association. 

Emily McFaddin then met and married her first husband, James Ferdinand McCan and they had one son Claude Kerry McCan. Her grandchildren are Kerry McCan who passed away April of 2016 and Sue Cannon who still lives in Denver. James F. McCan was a noted Texas painter and he would paint portraits of Emily's father, mother and uncle at the ranch. He was also an art mentor to Royston Nave.


After 18 years of marriage, Emily divorced James F. McCan, waited a year and then married Royston Nave.  Although there was a

10-year difference in their ages, Emily being the older, they were devoted to each other, traveling the world and settling for a time

in New York before returning to Victoria in the 1920's. She was very involved in the Suffrage Movement. They also never had any children together. 

Mrs. Nave died March 28, 1943  at her home after an illness of about four months. She was 67 years old.

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